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Secrets To Getting the Most House for Your Money!

Get "Pre-Approved" Not "Pre-Qualified!"

Make sure you are in the strongest negotiating position possible. Price is only one element in the negotiations, and not necessarily the most important one. The strength of your offer and closing dates might be the most important things to the seller.

The way to make the strongest offer today is to get "pre-approved". Pre-approval occurs after all of your personal information has been verified. You are actually APPROVED for the loan and the only thing left to do is the appraisal on the property. This process takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on your situation. It's VERY POWERFUL and a weapon I recommend to anyone interested in serious negotiating.

Sell First, Then Buy

If you have a house to sell, sell it before selecting a house to buy! Contingency sales aren't nearly as strong as one that comes in with a ready, willing and able buyer. If you are asking a seller to accept your offer contingent upon the sale of your property, then you are now not in a strength position and, the seller is in the position of possibly by-passing an offer not contingent on the sale of property. You will not be in a strong negotiating position and the seller wont be as comfortable with the deal. Buying before selling might cost you thousands of dollars.

If you're concerned about the availability of homes for sale, then you may want to do some drive bys. You can identify homes and locations. This may make you confident enough to add your house to the market.

Don’t Rush into Anything

Your agent should show you everything available that meets your requirements. Make sure that you have found the right house before you make an offer.

In a hot market it is well advised to make a timely decision on your prospective home. However, in today’s market there isn't this pressure, unless a home is well under-priced, and your agent will know that it is.

Don't forget to check into the SCHOOL DISTRICTS of the area you're considering. Information is available on every school; such as class sizes, % of students that go on to college, etc. You can get this information from my web site.

Get an Agent in Your Corner

  A professional agent works with his clients, not only telling them tips like these but providing useful expertise towards helping meet the goal of owning a new home. So whether you decide to work with me or not, pick an agent you feel comfortable with and enlist the services of that agent as a buyer agent. Then you become a client and you're no longer just a shopper. When your agent hears of a great buy, he will be bound to call you, his client, because you are working together, and you are no longer just another phone call from someone that is tire kicking. I always recommend that you hire your own agent to get the most out of your home buying position.

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