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Getting Your House Ready For Sale

Sidewalk Appeal

Make sure that you have everything up to spec when prospective purchasers take their first look, remember you only get one chance and about 20 minutes to make a great first impression. Therefore, in order to create that love at first sight in their minds you must, Plant flowers, weed and edge the gardens. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and shrubs, as well as clean the driveway and sidewalks of dirt, leaves or snow and water the lawn, well in advance of selling. Clean and repair rain gutters and siding, and finally touch up the paint and clean out the garage.

Next to Godliness

There is an old saying that I have referenced in the heading, and while we cant be perfect we should always try to get a few things exactly right for the purpose of showing our home. Make sure that the mirrors are clean and make appliances sparkle. Wash or polish all floors clean and freshen bathrooms. Clean/shampoo all the carpets and clean the windows, walls, doors and trim.

Is There a Counter Under That?

Remember the last time you looked at your kids room and wondered what colour the carpet was. Well lets not keep our prospective buyers guessing. Clear all of your countertops and de-clutter all heavy traffic areas. If it is possible, store your surplus furniture to reduce feeling crowded. Put seasonal clothing into storage and clear the halls and stairs of clutter. Make all closets neat & tidy and only half-full, even if this means moving items to another storage area. Touch up interior paint and paper, repair cracked plaster, tighten door knobs and cupboard latches. Oil any squeaky doors, repair leaky plumbing (taps, shower heads and toilets). Repair seals/caulking around bathtub and sinks and replace burnt-out light bulbs or install brighter bulbs. Remember the brighter your house the more inviting it will be. And finally, clean the furnace and humidifier.

How To Put The Spotlight On Your Home

This is your homes debut for every prospective buyer that comes through the door or drives up the driveway. So in order to best show your home I suggest, turning on all lights, opening all the drapes in the daytime and play quiet background music. Turn on air-conditioning or light the fireplace. If you have them keep your pets outside during showings or, better yet, at a friend's. No one loves your pets more than you and no one knows them like you. Remember some people are allergic and or fear dogs and cats. Have as few people in the house as possible. If you can, be absent during any showings. Potential buyers often feel awkward and rushed if they think they are inconveniencing the owner.


As unfair as it might be to your home, after only fifteen seconds most buyers have already developed a perception of your property that will colour their feelings for the rest of the showing and perhaps dramatically affect their perceived value of the property. "You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression." The decision to buy a house is an emotional choice and not solely based upon rational factors such as price, location and accessibility to services. It is a search for a place in which one will find comfort, security and happiness. Emotions are set early, so it is important that minor, even typical, nuisances such as an un-mowed lawn or a pile of boots by the door are looked after.

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